Bring new conscious connections and like-minded mamas into your life to experience a sense of local support and connection as you navigate uncharted paths outside the conventional school system.

Join us now, dear mystics, lightworkers, new earth mothers, sacred rebels, freedom fighters, and system breakers, we have work to do.

There’s an alarming rise in stress and depression for our youth, with school-related stress being a significant factor. Most of our New Earth Children are challenged by these outdated systems. 

This doesn't even include what's happening to us as adults. Our culture has created an absence of time spent doing things together, as we once did in villages. We’ve become so independent and isolated without realizing the significant impacts this is having on us. 

It’s time to convene and activate a new village vision for our lives and the way we nurture and raise our children. Coming back into deep connection with the land and heart coherence with each other. This is a key piece for our survival on planet earth during these awakening times.

Are you feeling alone, isolated, and nervous about stepping into homeschooling or village vision?
Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to balancing life and parenting?
Do you feel nervous about making deep connections with other women and a soul community?
Are you ready to call in a village of conscious women, mothers, and teachers to support you on this path, but you don’t know where to start?
Do you desire to trust yourself, your child(ren), and the divine plan that's laid out for your soul?

If so, you're not alone!

The days of raising the next generation in isolation, following outdated patriarchal norms of the lone wolf, are coming to an end. The call for a village of conscious souls to support and hold us is resounding within our hearts.

Introducing: New Earth Village Codes

A 4-Week Activation Portal for any mama that is feeling alone and ready to heal the places within to become a frequency match to call in like-minded families and soul sisters to create a village where support and connection flourishes.

What Will New Earth Village Codes Do For You?

▽ Ignite your village vision for your family and your child’s soul path for learning so you can trust yourself and fast-track your desires

 Teach you quantum field technology to call in and magnetize your conscious soul fam to feel supported, connected, and in co-creation with other homeschooling/unschooling families

▽ Rewire your mind and clear blocks to your vision and receive support. By doing so, you’ll shift family overwhelm, fear, and frustration into inner well-being, power, and clarity

Help you to heal the sister wounds so you can open your heart to deeper connections and new earth sisterhood 

 Activate aligned action and receive clear guidance on how to find your people in your local area (hello new soul famto create your village NOW

This offering is an attunement to match the frequency of the sisterhood and homeschooling village you desire to call in.

Combining neuroscience, energy medicine, ritual, multidimensional light language activations, and aligned actions with a group of like-minded women.

You’ll walk away feeling clear, empowered, resourced, and deeply connected to your inner knowing.

4 Powerful Sessions with Theory & Practices
3 Channeled Activations
Over 6 Hours of Transmissions
Handouts for the Quantum Manifestation Technique and Hiring Your Spiritual Support Committee
Lifetime Access

*This is a recorded program. The potency is strong and activations can be listened to over and over again.

"As a psychotherapist, I am blown away by the precision and depth of the multidimensional healing with Devani. So much has shifted within me. I feel more connected with myself, lighter and free." - Joy


Session 1:

Awaken your village vision to call-in community support for your family. Discover the power of using IFS and energy work to dissolve fears, overwhelm, and obstacles to activate your vision from the womb and heart.

Session 2:

Learn & implement a powerful neuroscience and quantum manifestation technique to align your nervous system & become a vibrational match with your desired reality. Witness transformative shifts from within, shaping your external world.

Session 3:

Clear the sister wound so you can call-in the sisterhood and community your heart longs for. Liberate places of stuck energy in the body that is creating separation and isolation to prepare you for new earth sisterhood.

Session 4:

Discover how to call-in specific spiritual teams to support you in the process of manifesting your community. Explore effective local connection strategies to take aligned action, paving the way for solutions and manifestations to unfold before your eyes. 

The New Earth Children, with their heightened energy fields and advanced intellect, yearn for a return to the village model. They no longer resonate with traditional public schools, as their soul curriculum and vast intelligence surpass what is being taught. They hold the keys to new solutions and possibilities, shaping a future that is yet to unfold.

“Working with Devani and receiving her activations in circle with other women has felt magical to me. The peaceful and loving safe space Devani holds has been so comforting in helping me release density, so I can uncover the magic I myself hold”. - Sara

Devani is a gifted teacher and creates a safe, loving, high-vibe space for us all to gain wisdom, transform and shine. If you feel called in any way to her programs, just do it! Highly recommended! - Keiya Rayne

“Working with Devani and receiving her activations in circle with other women has felt magical to me. The peaceful and loving safe space Devani holds has been so comforting in helping me release density, so I can uncover the magic I myself hold”. - Sara

Devani is a gifted teacher and creates a safe, loving, high-vibe space for us all to gain wisdom, transform and shine. If you feel called in any way to her programs, just do it! Highly recommended! - Keiya Rayne

To create an environment conducive to their growth, we must recognize that this task cannot be undertaken alone. It requires summoning like-minded sisters and families, joining forces to create holistic solutions that support the thriving of the entire family unit.

Together, let heal the parts within us creating fear and separation of stepping outside the system, so we can build a nurturing space for these exceptional beings to thrive.

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“Devani’s activations and circles are powerful. I completely saw my future, who I am, what I am, and what I'm striving for. I claimed things that I was terrified to claim, and I saw a huge, huge shift in my growth, business, and in my transformation”


The women who are called to Devani's classes are warrior mamas who helped me realize I'm not alone in this journey. I've never felt as grounded as I do after taking her courses. Devani’s multidimensional healings are unlike anything I've ever experienced!


How long does the program last, and how many sessions are there?

4 weeks long, with one live session per week. Each session will be about 2 hours.

What happens during the live training sessions?

It will be a mix of teachings, guided multidimensional journeys & light language activations and live practices with yourself and participants in the group.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to this course.

Do you offer refunds?

No there are no refunds for this program. I trust that you know in your heart that this is the right program for you. If you are still unsure, please email us at [email protected].

About Your Guide

Devani is an intuitive guide, somatic energy healer, multi-dimensional parenting guide and new earth visionary here at this time to help with the transition from the old paradigm into the new.

She serves as a channel and advocate for the New Earth Children, bringing forth valuable insights and information from the future to support humanity's collective awakening.

Devani's mission is to help lay the foundation for new parenting and educational systems that align with the emerging paradigm. She envisions the cultivation of soul-family communities, where these powerful children can be nurtured and empowered to become the visionary leaders and guides they are destined to be.

Together, hand in hand, we are birthing a new Earth paradigm, guided by Devani and others who share her vision, as we co-create a future that embraces profound connection, purposeful growth, and the realization of our true potential.

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