Featured Speakers

Ina Lukas

Interview Airs: July 14, 2021
Understanding Your Child’s Innate Curriculum + Unschooling Your Mind


Ina Lukas is a professional healer and homeschooling/unschooling mom of 16 years.  She chose to carve a new paradigm educational path for her children that allowed their own innate gifts and skills to flourish, while honoring the healthy mind/body/spirit development of the whole human being. 

As a shamanic healer and home learning guide, she’s helped parents navigate difficult situations with their kids, heal the trauma that can be caused by significant childhood events, and create deep transformation.

Both of her children graduated high school with honors and are now navigating college with ease, creating their own self-led adventures and businesses. The results of her out-of-the-box methods are in the empowered adults her children have grown up to be. 

Ilarion 'Kuuyux' Merculieff

Interview Airs: July 14, 2021
Indigenous Ways of Family + Education


Ilarion 'Kuuyux' Merculieff - Unangan (Aleut) | Alaska Raised on the St. Paul Island in the Bering sea,  four-years-old Ilarion was given his traditional Unangan (Aleut) name: Kuuyux. There is one Kuuyux in each lifetime, and he was given the name by the former Kuuyux that came looking for the child to inherit him as Kuuyux: a bridge, a messenger; carrier of ancient knowledge into modern times.

Nowadays he is president of GCILL - Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, and co-founder and ongoing key speaker for the with over 50 years of experience of serving his people, and others around the world in a number of leadership capacities. He started climbing up the conventional western society ladder, became co-chair and head of 17 boards and councils, till he jumped. Ever since then he has been living the legacy of his traditional name: Kuuyux.

Robyn Robertson,
N, B.Mgt.

Interview Airs: July 15, 2021
Self-directed, interest-led learning


Robyn Robertson is an unschooling mom to 2 kids, podcast host and public school board trustee.

Robyn, her husband and their 2 kids started their worldschooling journey in 2012. During this time, Robyn watched curiosity and excitement for life grow in her family. 2 things stood out to her -- she noticed that less time in school did not equal less learning. In fact, learning seemed to be more meaningful outside of school. She also saw their family’s bond strengthen.  

Her experiences traveling while home-educating had Robyn questioning her past beliefs around parenting, how we learn, and the education system. It also highlighted the need for community. This led Robyn to launch her podcast Honey! I’m Homeschooling the Kids, which is a platform to share ideas, stories and information about the joys and challenges of home education and self directed learning. The podcast also serves as a place to bring together a collective voice for change in the broader education system. 

Today, Robyn advocates politically for home education and self-directed learning. With her experience and Trustee position she bridges the gaps between the homeschool community and local educators.

You can find her through her website, podcast or on Facebook and Instagram @Honey! I’m Homeschooling The Kids.

Dana Kaplan, MA

Interview Airs: July 15, 2021
Social Emotional Learning


Dana Kaplan is an award winning Gifted and Early Childhood and Social Emotional Intelligence expert. Dana's niche approach with children and adults purposefully propels rich self-awareness by empowering all participants to confidently use their positively powerful voice in order to masterfully communicate and create the world they crave.

Nicolette Sowder, MA

Interview Airs: July 16, 2021
Wildschooling with the Seasons


Nicolette Sowder is the founder of Wilder Child and Wildschooling, representing one of the largest global, online communities of nature-connected parents and home educators.  Her experience as a teacher in a traditional classroom strengthened her resolve to help design nature-bonded, visceral learning experiences outside of those four walls.  She is committed to furthering the outdoor education movement through her work as an educator at Strong Roots Natural Learning Community.  She finds her center, inspiration and a lot of eggs on her 60 acre farmstead in Michigan where she Wildschools her two daughters.

Rachel Jepson Wolf, Ms

Interview Airs: July 16, 2021
Project-Based Homeschooling + Herbalism with Kids


Rachel Jepson Wolf is the owner and founder of LüSa Organics (, a body care company specializing in herbal balms, soaps, and baby care. Rachel and her husband Pete, homeschool their two kids in rural southwestern Wisconsin. 

Rachel is the author of two books: Herbal Adventures, a wildcrafting book for kids and their families, and The Unplugged Family Activity Book a treasure trove of screen-free fun. 

Jean Miller

Interview Airs: July 16, 2021
Waldorf Homeschooling


Jean Miller is a homeschooling mentor who helps parents build their lessons around hands-on, creative activities. So they can customize the curriculum and create a homeschool plan they love that's more than just "school at home."

Jean hosts a podcast and offers courses and a membership community at Art of Homeschooling. She’s the mother of three now-grown children and has been teaching and parenting for over thirty years. Jean has a Master of Arts in Teaching and has taught in every possible setting from public and private classrooms to homeschooling co-ops.

When she’s not supporting homeschooling parents, you’ll find Jean out for a hike with her husband and their sweet dog, Gus, stirring up a new yummy dish in the kitchen, reading poetry, or birdwatching.

Jennifer Sutherland

Interview Airs: July 17, 2021
The Future of Education


For more than two decades Jenn Sutherland has been helping families craft world class educations outside the four walls of a classroom. Having raised and educated four children, birth to university, while traveling the world full time, she has deep experience educating kids consciously, cross culturally, and in the real world. She challenges the traditional narratives and paradigms of education towards a more integrated approach to whole person learning.

Dr. Mara Linaberger, EdD

Interview Airs: July 17, 2021
Microschool Movement


Dr. Mara Linaberger believes that each of us has chosen to be here at this moment in time for a specific reason—that we are each on a mission that we chose for ourselves. And that figuring out what we love, what we’re good at, and how we can be of service is the engine we need to fuel a lifetime of joyful learning. Mara also believes that school often slows down or stifles that excitement for students. So she is on a mission to create a global network of 100 microschools in the next 20 years—to harness education toward helping amazing children to develop their highest potentials while making learning fun again!

Mara is a life-long educator, author, technologist, artist, ballroom dancer, and musician, having spent 25 years in service as a public school educator, teacher trainer, and administrator. Completing a doctorate in Instructional Technology, she went on to earn a Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility in Pennsylvania. Launching Mindful Technology Consultants in 2013, she continues to train teachers at the masters level on the use of digital portfolios as alternative assessments and on bringing mindfulness practices into the classroom.

Mara is the international two-time best selling author of HELP! My Child Hates School and The Micro-School Builder’s Handbook. Mara currently lives in Harmony, PA, with her husband Michael while she travels far and wide, directly supporting clients in her global Microschool Builders programs.

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan, DAOM, L.Ac.

Interview Airs: July 18, 2021
Unschooling Life + Our New Earth Children


Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan is a Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, Author, Speaker, Coach, and mama of two Luminous Kids.

Her journey began in 2003 after a series of meditation-induced mystical experiences that changed her perception of human possibilities forever. Since then, she has devoted her life to unlocking the secrets to our Human Potential. Her work weaves together ancient wisdom with the latest in science, medicine, and spirituality.

Dr. Edith's first book SuperWellness features a foreword by Wim Hof and offers a powerful distillation of her last 2 decades of clinical experience. Dr. E is currently writing her 2nd book "Luminous Kids", where she shares her journey of conscious conception, pregnancy, home birth, and homeschooling / unschooling, and the raising of the new generation of Luminous Kids.

A graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Edith has been featured on CNN, Yoga Journal, Lilou Macé's Juicy Living Tour, The Goddess Project documentary, and numerous health and wellness podcasts. Her academic background includes a Doctoral Degree from Five Branches University in Endocrinology & Neuromuscular Medicine, a 4-year graduate degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Bachelors with Magna Cum Laude in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

Through her clinical practice, writings, workshops, and seminars, Dr. Edith helps thought-leaders and Visionary Pioneers become masters of their Energy and Life, so that they can lead and serve at the highest levels.

Dayna Martin

Interview Airs: July 18, 2021
Radical Unschooling


Dayna Martin is an author, public speaker and parenting coach who has written three books about peaceful parenting and Unschooling. Her latest book, "Raising Rebels: Parenting Advice From the Girl Your Parents Warned You About," was on Amazon’s best seller list. Dayna has been featured on numerous television programs sharing about Radical Unschooling as a philosophy of living with children. Her controversial yet inspirational perspective has gained her notoriety in the field of parenting and she has spoken at parenting conferences and events worldwide, most recently in, Australia, India, and China sharing about the benefits of allowing children more freedom in their lives, through demolishing the authoritarian paradigm and stepping into a more partnership-based approach to parenting. Dayna feels that children are next on the human rights agenda and through this shift in human consciousness we allow children to find their passions and unique gifts that will help them become who they are meant to be in life, as well as model a more peaceful world. 

Devani Freeman: Host

Interview Airs: July 19, 2021
Empowering The Empathic Child


Devani Freeman believes that every child is born as a wise and gifted soul equipt with everything they need to fulfill their soul purpose. Our job as parents and guardians is to provide the riverbanks, emotional guidance, presence, and unconditional love to foster their innate curriculum.

My mission is to create a new narrative for our children’s future, together. May we empower and co-create a new earth where we unhook from the old paradigm of education and parenting to a new one based on cultivating joyful learning, liberation, emotional intelligence, energy awareness, and soul gifts to change our reality.

Devani is the CEO of Heart Centered Social helping conscious leaders to market online, a parenting guide for parents with sensitive children, and the co-founder of The Liberated Child - a mission-driven company that teaches parents how to confidently pave a new home educational path for their children that fosters their child’s own innate inner curriculum and happiness.

Julia McGarey, MA

Interview Airs: July 19, 2021
Homeschooling With Sensitive Kids


Julia McGarey is on a mission to help parents of highly sensitive children reclaim their identity and start living the life they dreamed of before they had kids – without sacrificing the relationship they have with their child.

She helps her clients go from feeling like they’re at the mercy of their child’s emotions and behaviors to feeling calm, confident, and connected in their relationship with their child. All while maintaining their own personal identity and pursuing their passion and dreams.

She brings years of her own experience as a highly sensitive person, educator, and parent to this work, and is committed to helping you create changes in your life that stretch your idea of what’s possible for you and your family. 

Jen Myers

Interview Airs: July 20, 2021
Homeschooling/Work/Business Balance


As a serial entrepreneur and veteran homeschool mom, Jen Myers understands what it means to challenge the status quo in every area of life. When traditional schooling didn't work for two of her three kiddos and a surprise pregnancy derailed her well laid life plans, Jen turned to homeschooling as a last resort. What she found was changed entire family. 

Eighteen years later, after building four successful businesses while homeschooling four kids, Jen is on a mission to help other moms build a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility based on the foundations of blending entrepreneurship and homeschooling. Jen is the founder of the Homeschool CEO movement (a global community for entrepreneurs that homeschool), and she is passionate about helping moms build profitable businesses while keeping their family #1.

Dr. Catherine Clinton, ND

Interview Airs: July 20, 2021
Healing Kids with Neurological issues


Dr. Catherine Clinton ND is a licensed naturopathic physician with a focus on gut health, autoimmunity and psychoneuroimmunology. 

Respected author, speaker, pediatric health advocate, Dr. Catherine practices in Eugene, Oregon.

When in medical school Dr. Catherine was diagnosed with and healed from an autoimmune disease that effects the gastrointestinal tract, leaving her with a passion to prevent autoimmunity in children everywhere. Dr. Catherine addresses the psychoneuroimmune system and gut health of children and families through a deeper connection with the world around us. 

Dr. Catherine is passionate about the connections we have with the world around us and how these connections can regenerate our health and the health of the planet. She sees an urgent need for healing our internal terrain as well as healing the terrain of the world we live in. Dr. Catherine has multiple peer-reviewed medical journal as well as guest writing for several publications.

Greg Crawford, CHC

Interview Airs: July 20, 2021
Teaching Children About Nutrition


As a former gym owner (with over 15 years of experience as a health expert), I've helped thousands of adults reverse the long-term effects of negative self-image and poor nutrition habits.

When I created the Superhero Nutrition program, I knew that I was on to something. After testing out the program with the kids whose parents went to my gym I quickly learned the impact it was having on their families. It was a massive hit!


We needed to establish a new normal ... to equip and empower the next generation to live their lives free from poor health & a negative self-image ... to enjoy unprecedented health, peace and prosperity.

Jocelyn Gordon, LMT, PRYT

Interview Airs: July 21, 2021
Creating Daily Family Rituals


Called a "Yoga Rebel" by Yoga Journal Magazine, Jocelyn Gordon is known for her joyful integrations of dance, yoga and meditation - HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie Yoga. She has toured nationally with Wanderlust, is a six time presenter at the Bali Spirit Festival, has worked with Academy Award winning actresses Halle Berry and Marisa Tomei, and was recently featured on Apple News as the Meditation Guide for the Essence Magazine Virtual Wellness House. Jocelyn is a mother of two young queens and is currently writing "Make Space For Baby: A Preconception Guidebook for the Modern Birthing Person".  As a Conscious Conception Coach and Rebirth Guide, she supports people considering parenting by helping them up-level their health and vibration before pregnancy. As The Course Doula, Jocelyn helps healers create their first online course and coaching offerings. Jocelyn's offerings support women with fertility, embodiment and leadership. 

Abby Gooch

Interview Airs: July 21, 2021
Developing + Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence 


Abby Gooch is an Intuitive Success Coach, Author, Speaker and Teacher who trains men, women and children throughout the world to develop their intuitions to heal and create the lives they desire. She is the Founder of Life Force Connection, One Heart Global and the author of Touch The Light, The Miracle of U, and the Intuitive Success Coaching Process and Certification Program. Her work with children and adults began professionally when she opened her professional practice at 19 years old and went on to build a wellness center, certification school and now travels the world for the non-profit One Heart Global to support the children of our world to have a home of love and safety, and to provide them with the intuitive education to succeed in life!

Danielle Paige

Interview Airs: July 22, 2021
Understanding Your Child With Astrology


Danielle Paige is an International Spiritual Teacher, Soul Astrologer, Host of Cosmic Body Podcast and Founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul and Astrology Mystery School. A self-taught astrologer, who’s been reading the stars for lifetimes, she continued her studies with some of the world’s top astrologers. She then devoted herself to learning different types of healing to create her own style of spiritual medicine. By fusing astrology, energetic healing, and intuition, she is able to help her clients heal their wounds, clear old patterns, and help them come back home to their heart.

Amy Elizabeth

Interview Airs: July 22, 2021
Using Human Design to Navigate Homeschooling


Amy is the CEO of the Multi-Million Dollar Human Design Brand, Align by Design, where herself and Liz Coyles bring all elements and integration of Human Design in a way you've never experienced HD before.  She is a single mom of 3 young children (manifesting generators), and a 5/1 Splenic Projector. She offers high level coaching and group programs based on alignment, manifestation and energy types! 

Celia Kibler

Interview Airs: July 23, 2021
Conscious Communication with Children


Celia Kibler is a Best-Selling Author, a Family Empowerment Coach, and the Founder of Pumped Up Parenting and Funfit® Family Fitness.

She is the Mom of 5 kids; 2 she gave birth to & 3 she gained from marriage; as well as a Grandma of 9. She has successfully parented a blended family for over 24 years.

Celia is on a Mission to stop 1,000,000 Parents from Yelling at Their Kids. Her book, RAISING HAPPY TODDLERS: How to Build Great Parenting Skills and Stop Yelling at Your Kids is available for purchase from Amazon in Kindle and paperback. She has written 3 children’s books to enhance development for kids…


With over 40 years of coaching, teaching, counseling kids and their parents, including Special Needs populations, Celia has found successful solutions for real-life parenting situations with advice that is easy to follow, doable, and result-driven. She brings that wisdom to you in her book, as well as Private and Group Coaching programs.

Jeanne-Marie Paynel, M.Ed.

Interview Airs: July 23, 2021
Conscious Discipline


Jeanne-Marie Paynel, M.Ed, is a Parenting Mentor and Home Consultant helping parents let go of the overwhelm so they can enjoy raising self-sufficient and resilient children with ease.

She is the host of The Art of Parenting podcast and founder of Your Parenting Mentor where she guides expectant parents, caregivers and parents of young children to better prepare their homes and themselves for their children to thrive during the first years of life. She believes that a supportive and peaceful atmosphere at home will allow every child to flourish as an independent confident and capable learner. She combines her three passions: Montessori, Conscious Parenting and Positive Discipline.

Her mission is to help parents appreciate the true importance of their role - not as servants or teachers, but as supporters and guides of their children's natural development.

Your guides:
Ina Lukas + Devani Freeman

Ina and Devani are the co-Founders of The Liberated Child - a mission-driven company that teaches parents how to confidently pave a new home educational path for their children that fosters their child’s own innate inner curriculum and happiness.

Ina Lukas has over 16 years experience of homeschooling, Unschooling and Worldschooling her two children, now young adults! 

Both of her children graduated high school with honors and are now navigating college with ease, creating their own self-led adventures and businesses. The results of her unconventional homeschooling methods are in the empowered adults her children have grown up to be. 

For the past decade, Ina has worked as a shamanic healer and channel helping people around the world free themselves from parenting problems, relationship issues, financial fears, health issues, and more.

Devani Freeman is a Goddess CEO, homeschool activator and guide for empathic families. Devani’s mission is to create a new earth paradigm where children are fostered to connect with their intuitive wisdom, soul gifts, freedom to be who they desire, and innate creativity to bring peace to the planet. 

She takes passion in working with mystic mamas and children in helping them to understand energy awareness and emotional regulation to change their daily human experience from challenging to thriving.

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