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Your Host: Devani Freeman

Hi, I’m Devani, Co-Founder of The Liberated Child. I am deeply passionate about bringing these teachings to more parents because of how hard school was for me. I remember waking up every day in 3rd grade feeling sick to my stomach because I was so stressed out about school. School didn’t nurture my sensitive self as a child. 

At the age of 13, I had a bullying experience that would forever change my life. After that moment my parents decided to take me out of public school. This was the best thing my parents could have ever done for me.

As a natural self-starter, I just needed permission to allow my own wisdom to guide me without the drama and stress at regular school. With this freedom I was able to enroll in an alternative school and spend my time with animals, doing art, and activities with friends. Without knowing it I “unschooled” myself.

All of this experience helped me in becoming the soul-driven woman I am today. I am passionate about working with mystic mamas and children in helping them to understand energy awareness and emotional regulation to change their daily human experience from challenging to thriving.

In addition, I co-founded The Liberated Child with my dear sister-friend Ina Lukas - a mission-driven company that teaches parents how to confidently pave a new home educational path for their children that fosters their child’s own innate inner curriculum and happiness.

I am here to raise the consciousness on the planet and I believe it starts with our children. I'm here to empowering families to step outside the box and raise wise, curious, and liberated adults. We’ve never been in a better time in history to shift the current status quo!

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