Day 6 - July 19, 2021

Devani Freeman: Host

Empowering The Empathic Child

Devani Freeman: Host

Devani Freeman believes that every child is born as a wise and gifted soul equipt with everything they need to fulfill their soul purpose. Our job as parents and guardians is to provide the riverbanks, emotional guidance, presence, and unconditional love to foster their innate curriculum.

My mission is to create a new narrative for our children’s future, together. May we empower and co-create a new earth where we unhook from the old paradigm of education and parenting to a new one based on cultivating joyful learning, liberation, emotional intelligence, energy awareness, and soul gifts to change our reality.

Devani is the CEO of Heart Centered Social helping conscious leaders to market online, a parenting guide for parents with sensitive children, and the co-founder of The Liberated Child - a mission-driven company that teaches parents how to confidently pave a new home educational path for their children that fosters their child’s own innate inner curriculum and happiness.



Julia McGarey, MA

Homeschooling With Sensitive Kids

Julia McGarey, MA

Julia McGarey is on a mission to help parents of highly sensitive children reclaim their identity and start living the life they dreamed of before they had kids – without sacrificing the relationship they have with their child.

She helps her clients go from feeling like they’re at the mercy of their child’s emotions and behaviors to feeling calm, confident, and connected in their relationship with their child. All while maintaining their own personal identity and pursuing their passion and dreams.

She brings years of her own experience as a highly sensitive person, educator, and parent to this work, and is committed to helping you create changes in your life that stretch your idea of what’s possible for you and your family. 

Instagram: @partneredpathparenting


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