Day 1 - July 14, 2021

Ina Lukas

Understanding Your Child’s Innate Curriculum + Unschooling Your Mind

Ina Lukas

Ina Lukas is a professional healer and homeschooling/unschooling mom of 16 years.  She chose to carve a new paradigm educational path for her children that allowed their own innate gifts and skills to flourish, while honoring the healthy mind/body/spirit development of the whole human being. 

As a shamanic healer and home learning guide, she’s helped parents navigate difficult situations with their kids, heal the trauma that can be caused by significant childhood events, and create deep transformation.

Both of her children graduated high school with honors and are now navigating college with ease, creating their own self-led adventures and businesses. The results of her out-of-the-box methods are in the empowered adults her children have grown up to be. 

Instagram: @inaalchemists


Ilarion 'Kuuyux' Merculieff

Indigenous Ways of Family + Education

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GCILL is dedicated to bringing ancient Indigenous ways of knowing 
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The Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways (GCILL) is 
an informal umbrella created to support
long-term and short-term projects that educate and inform people about indigenous ways to raise human consciousness
and co-create a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth.

Their areas of focus include: Mother Earth, The Unangan Story, 
Restoring the Feminine, The Sacred Feminine, and Masculine, 
Indigenous Elder Wisdom, Individual & Community Wellness, Wisdom Weavers of the World. 

Ilarion 'Kuuyux' Merculieff

Ilarion 'Kuuyux' Merculieff - Unangan (Aleut) | Alaska Raised on the St. Paul Island in the Bering sea,  four-years-old Ilarion was given his traditional Unangan (Aleut) name: Kuuyux. There is one Kuuyux in each lifetime, and he was given the name by the former Kuuyux that came looking for the child to inherit him as Kuuyux: a bridge, a messenger; carrier of ancient knowledge into modern times.

Nowadays he is president of GCILL - Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, and co-founder and ongoing key speaker for the with over 50 years of experience of serving his people, and others around the world in a number of leadership capacities. He started climbing up the conventional western society ladder, became co-chair and head of 17 boards and councils, till he jumped. Ever since then he has been living the legacy of his traditional name: Kuuyux.

Instagram: @wisdomweaversoftheworld


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