Kiva Schuler

Founder + CEO, Jai Institute for Parenting


Kiva’s passion for parenting stemmed from her own childhood experiences of neglect and trauma. Like many of her generation, she had a front row seat to witnessing what she did not want for her own children. And in many ways, Jai is the fulfillment of a promise that she made to herself when she was 16 years old… that when she had children of her own, she would learn to parent them with compassion, consistency and communication.

The Jai Institute for Parenting was founded in 2011 and is now a global organization and world-class professional education platform dedicated to honoring the human rights of children to be seen, loved and respected by the people they love most... their parents.

Kiva is a serial entrepreneur, and has been the marketer behind many transformational brands. Passionate about bringing authenticity and integrity to marketing and sales, she’s a sought after mentor, speaker and coach. She holds a degree in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from Northeastern.

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Instagram: @jaiinstituteforparenting

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VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design Alchemist


After his double lung collapse at the tender age of 17, VerDarLuz committed to Seize the Day and take the deep dive into life. A traveler to 40 countries, author of two books Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns, and creator of Divine Timing Online School, VerDarLuz uniquely blends systems of self-awareness—such as Astrology, Human Design, and Shamanic Therapies—into his holistic Life and Business Coaching practice. He teaches entrepreneurs, families, and couples how to honor and integrate their core patterns and archetypes.

VerDarLuz empowers clients by helping them strategize the WHEN and WHERE of life: Optimal Time-mapping and Astro-Locality Power Places, as well as the WHO - harmonic relating, in both love and business. Since 2006, he has translated the occult and complex into a pragmatic language through his down-to-earth and playful speaking style. VerDarLuz facilitates transformational workshops involving Astrology, Conscious Relating, Keynote Concerts, Dance, and Shamanic healing worldwide.

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Instagram: @verdarluz_divinetimingcoaching

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Lauren Magers

Creator of The Happy Life System


Lauren Magers is a parenting thought leader and pioneer of a revolutionary new category in children’s education/homeschooling called, “Life School.” She is a mother of 4, a successful business leader and creator of the Happy Life System.™️

The Happy Life System™️ is the world’s first gamified Life School platform designed to empower parents and children with the blueprint to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Lauren is leading the Happy Parent, Happy Child Revolution by reinventing how children discover, align with and activate their true purpose and life mission.

Imagine how different our world could be if we taught our children how to truly be happy…

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Instagram: @thelaurenmagers

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