Robyn Robertson

Host of The Honey I’m Homeschooling The Kids Podcast


Robyn Robertson~ Honey! I’m Homeschooling The Kids

Robyn Robertson is an unschooling mom to 2 kids, podcast host, business owner and public school board trustee.

Robyn, her husband and their 2 kids started their worldschooling journey in 2012. During this time, Robyn watched curiosity and excitement for life grow in her family. 2 things stood out to her -- she noticed that less time in school did not equal less learning. In fact, learning seemed to be more meaningful outside of school. She also saw their family’s bond strengthen.

Her experiences traveling while home-educating had Robyn questioning her past beliefs around parenting, how we learn, and the education system. It also highlighted the need for community. This led Robyn to launch her podcast Honey! I’m Homeschooling the Kids, which is a platform to share ideas, stories and information about the joys and challenges of home education and self directed learning. The podcast also serves as a place to bring together a collective voice for change in the broader education system.

Today, Robyn advocates politically for home education and self-directed learning. With her experience and Trustee position she bridges the gaps between the homeschool community and local educators.

She combines that experience, knowledge and curiosity in her mentoring, working with families to help them envision and create their own unique learning paths.

You can find her through her website, podcast, in her Community~Honey I’m Homeschooling on the Clubhouse app or on Facebook and Instagram @Honey! I’m Homeschooling The Kids.

Online Presence

Instagram: @honeyimhomeschoolingthekids

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How could anyone play games and learn? There are many families that have found the value of play and connection in learning. Really, isn’t that what we all want learning to be? Joyful and fun while building valuable connections. Enjoy my Gameschooling Guide. This is a curated list of games that my family have loved and learned from over the years. For ease I have divided the list into games that fall under “subject” topics such as Science, Math or Literacy. Click Here!

Self-Directed, Interest-Led Learning

Host: Devani Freeman

Host & Co-Founder of The Liberated Child


Devani Freeman, host of the Children Of The New Earth Summit is a multi-dimensional parenting and homeschooling guide, somatic energy healer, lineage healer, Goddess CEO, and intuitive marketing strategist. She is the Co-Founder of The Liberated Child. 

She's passionate about helping mystic mamas to become a deeply attuned, aware and regulated in their nervous system to support a secure attachment, soul connection and magic in the home with their new earth child.

Devani has thousands of hours of training and hands-on experience in numerous modalities including somatic energy healing, Chakra healing, adult attachment repair, reparenting/inner child healing, trauma healing, Hand in Hand Parenting, Aware Parenting Methods, intuitive business marketing, and more.

Online Presence

Instagram: @theliberatedchild_ 
Instagram: @devanifreeman

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Dr. Kristian Strang

Spiritual Guide & Author


Dr. Heather Kristian Strang is a spiritual guide and author of 10 books, including her most recent sovereign book releases Sacred Love in Sacred Times as well as Radical Abundance in Radical Times and her bestseller Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles.

Kristian dedicated her life to The Divine in 2008 after a “health” crisis turned into a spiritual awakening. Her devotion has taken her on a wild and miraculous healing journey that had her traveling the world, creating a Metaphysical food blog, channeling 10 books, facilitating metaphysical healings, trainings and meditations for thousands of women, children & families, and sharing the wisdom of Mary Magdalene & Yeshua through her Sacred Spirituality Guide Certification.

She has received training and certifications as a Metaphysical Minister & Reverend, is a Certified PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner with training in both Chinese Medicine and Western principles, is a Master-level Success Coach & Barefoot Doctor with training in Western and Chinese herbal remedies, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies with minors in English and Women’s Studies. In addition, she’s received Bachelors & Masters degrees in Metaphysical Science and a Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology.

When she’s not doing the above, you’ll find her baking in the kitchen, walking her beach on the Oregon Coast and tending to her micro-farm. You can learn more at:

Online Presence

Instagram: @sacredspirituality11

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