Yay! Your seat is saved!

Thank you for saying yes to yourself.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, February 18, 2023 at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Please be in an undisturbed environment where you aren’t multitasking as this will be an immersive healing circle.

Think if this as an opportunity to overflow your cup and get the resource your system has been asking for.

Please check your inbox for the confirmation email and zoom link from [email protected]

Given that this is a free circle, I’d like to open the opportunity for you to send an optional heart contribution which supports our mission and the heart-centered team that helps behind the scenes.

The optional heart contributions are $3, $11, $22, or $33. Pick which amount feels most aligned with your heart, if you feel called.

(Please note the payment will come through as Heart Centered Social)

Thank you dear one, can’t wait to see you in the healing circle.



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