To the parents who want to raise conscious and well-educated children outside the conventional classroom:
What if your child was born with their own innate curriculum, and your role is to foster it?
Discover how to plan, prepare and start conscious homeschooling with ease and fun
Are you worried about the future of your child’s well-being and education given the current unprecedented times on the planet?
It’s 2020, which means..
  • We’re dealing with a global scenario we’ve never experienced before.
  • There’s so much uncertainty right now for parents who are navigating sending their kids back to school this fall. 
  • It’s not an easy decision, no matter where you stand. Social distancing, wearing masks, and more is leading to a huge psychological impact on our children, which can greatly affect their ability to feel safe in the world later in life.
Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to homeschool your children without any teaching experience or overwhelm?
  • Perhaps you feel frustrated by all the current and ever-changing COVID-19 mandates and worried about the psychological impact on your kids?
  • You’re not impressed with the public school system and question if it’s actually bringing out the best in your child? 
  • You're feeling completely overwhelmed, and constantly find yourself thinking how you’re going to survive an entire school curriculum at home while working and running a household?
  • Perhaps you have a highly sensitive child who is struggling with the environment and taking on the fear of the current situation.
  • You’re feeling alone and that it’s completely up to you. The thought of doing this all by yourself just makes you want to cry. 
But what if you could take your kids out of the chaos and experience a whole new way of learning that develops wise, curious and well educated children?
Well, good news! I'm Ina Lukas and I'm here to share my homeschool methodology that was created from 16 years of hands-on homeschooling experience and now being on the other side with my creative, self-confident, and incredibly wise adult children.
When I was pregnant with my son, I knew there were so many things about the public school system that didn’t work: the testing, hours of homework, going for the grade, the bullying and forced social environment, the ridiculous standardized curriculum, and so much more.

I thought homeschooling was a great idea, but there would be no way I could do that. I mean, I wasn’t a qualified teacher. How could I teach my child everything they’re supposed to know? That seemed incredibly daunting and out of my league.

So I just assumed I couldn’t do it and would have to put up with the public school system.

Then, when my son was 6 months old, I picked up a book titled How Children Learn by John Holt. After reading the first few pages, everything changed for me.

Holt wrote, “If there are two words that could sum up this book it’s trust children.” 

This book is about how children naturally learn what they need to learn when they’re allowed the space to do so. 

According to Holt, we shouldn’t try to teach them everything. Instead, we should foster children’s natural curiosity and love of learning.

In that moment, I realized homeschooling was an adventure that I was ready to take on.

Without a lot of support from my family (they thought I was a bit nuts), any other homeschooling friends as models, a homeschool community or lots of money, I entered into the world of homeschooling.  

Luckily, I had a supportive husband who wanted our children to know their true genius.

As soon as we opted out of the system, we experienced an entirely different level of freedom! We realized how liberating homeschooling was for our entire family, and what a natural, beautiful way of life it was.

Imagine what life would be like if you could see firsthand that
your child and family were thriving because of homeschooling?
Most importantly, by homeschooling my children, I saw them grow into:
  • Self-confident adults who are able to handle stressful situations easily
  • Focused, eager and creative human beings with motivation that comes from within
  • Unique, resourceful individuals who think outside of the box
  • Emotionally balanced, happy people who have excellent communication skills and healthy interpersonal relationships
YOU can experience this too, without...
Any teaching experience
Feelings of overwhelm
Or watching your child fall behind
Results You Can Expect From Homeschooling..
Self-reliant young adults:
Homeschooled children gain life skills that allow them to navigate the world easily and confidently.
Freedom for the whole family:
Homeschool enables families to live their lives in alignment with their values, and focus on what truly matters for their children’s development as whole human beings.
Successful leaders:
Teenagers who have been homeschooled are highly sought after by colleges and employers, given raises and promotions quickly, and are more likely to start their own businesses early on.
You have the power to step outside of the current system to pave a new path that will radically change your level of joy, happiness and fulfillment for yourself and your family.
Your Homeschool Activation Jumpstart Course to plan, prepare and start conscious homeschooling with ease and fun!
9 Powerful Training Modules!
Module One: Intro to Homeschooling: Shifting the Educational Paradigm
Learn about the full range of homeschooling styles and methods, what homeschooled kids are really like, the truth about homeschooling and socialization, along with the myths of homeschooling, and the freedom and fun that come with it. Plus so much more!
Module Two: Homeschooling, Life, and Family Balance
Discover the secrets to homeschooling success so that you’re not completely overwhelmed, including how to homeschool for free and low cost solutions, how to add this into your already full life and how to handle unsupportive family members.
Module Three: How to Homeschool for Different Ages
Receive tips and insights for homeschooling children in preschool and kindergarten, how that shifts in middle school, and what homeschooling in high school can look like, including earning college credit. Discover how homeschooled kids make the transition to public school and the process of unwinding as a child moves from public school to homeschool.
Module Four: Test Taking and Grades for Your Child
Test taking is a skill that your child will likely need in life, but it’s also the wonderful part of homeschooling that your child doesn’t have to take part in. This module talks about how to approach test taking skills, and also the difference between going for the grade versus learning for the love of learning.

Module Five: Environment: Creating a Nurturing Space for Learning
Your physical and energetic environment makes a huge impact on your child’s education. Unearth the feng shui of home learning so you can create a clean & distraction-free environment. Explore the benefits of creating a nourishing, Waldorf-inspired home environment in your child’s early years and what that looks like. Uncover the importance of Nature and Earth Schooling.
Module Six: Creating Learning Rituals and Family Rhythms
This module is packed with powerful practices that will make your homeschooling experience so much more meaningful and unforgettable for both you and your kids. Identify energetic alignment rituals, daily/weekly rhythms for your kids, and how to work with your own rhythms as a parent to reduce overwhelm and stress. You’ll also discover how to connect with nature cycles, and create goddess traditions and pagan celebrations.
Module Seven: Curriculum Design: Nurturing Your Child’s Innate Curriculum
This module reveals the most game-changing way to create curriculum, what self design is and how to create a self-designed curriculum map with your child, so that their passions lead the way to a well-rounded education. This lays the foundation for everything else. We also cover Eclectic Intuitive Schooling and how to create an effective homeschool schedule with your child.
Module Eight: Curriculum Learning
This module is filled with a wealth of resources, links, and tools for all kinds of specific curriculum once you’ve created your self-designed map. Reading and writing, mathematics (unraveling the big homeschooling conundrum), the hands-on world of homeschool science, world geography, history and more. We also cover creating cooperative learning with other families, world schooling, and quality materials for homeschooling.
Module Nine: Life Skills for the Child
Life skills are the most important part of any child’s core curriculum. After all, you’re raising your child to succeed in life and navigate it with ease. It’s also what’s often left out in public school. In this module, review ideas, resources, and inspiration for teaching life skills to your kids at all ages. This includes developing specific lucrative skills in your child that will serve them anywhere, teaching them business and entrepreneurial skills as core curriculum, creating jobs as internships for teens and more.
This course is an inspirational framework filled with tools, techniques and support to help you create your own unique homeschool path to raise wise and liberated children.

While there are many different homeschool resources out there, what’s unique about this program is the heart centered methodology that shows you how fuel the passion of what your child really loves, develops their life skills, nurtures their creativity and supports them to come home to the love of learning that is their natural state of being…

So the big question is… are you ready to step into the world of homeschooling and start on the journey toward activating a curious, excited, well-adjusted child who will be able to go into the world with fully developed life skills?  

You can spend a lot of time and effort trying to figure it out alone or you can fast track your results with: 
 The Liberated Child
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    Smooth Transitioning into Homeschooling: Unschooling the Schooled Mind 
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Early Bird Bonus #2
Conscious Parenting Mini Course with Ina Lukas

This bonus mini course is filled with powerful tools for raising your empathic/sensitive child. 
We'll be covering:
  • Parenting with discipline versus respect, power and control dynamics with your child – and what happens in the teen years.
  • Explore the impact of unconscious leaky energy in parenting and creating healthy boundaries with your child. 
  • Clearing the Guilty Parent Consciousness
  • And much more!
We’re Adding In Some Extras That Ensure You Can Flow Through This JOURNEY With Ease.
 Energy Awareness WORKSHOP
In this workshop, TLC co-founder Devani will teach you energy awareness practices to help you instantly shift, clear and calm your energetic state for yourself and for your child. You’ll also discover a powerful 5 minute practice that can calm and attune your child! This will be a powerful training for those with empathic children. Releasing in November 2020.
Self-Designed Curriculum Map PDF
This simple and powerful map is the game-changer that allows your child to create their own curriculum by focusing on a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary, 12-areas-of-life approach that includes mind, body, spirit and impact. This Self-Designed Curriculum map is what your child at any school age can use to lay the foundation of their self-directed learning.
Private Facebook Community
After purchasing The Liberated Child, you’ll get access to a private Facebook community to connect with other TLC students to connect, collaborate and lean on. In addition, each week Ina will answer your burning questions via video!
Over 2 months of week support calls to get hands on support and additional channeled activations to guide you  in unschooling your mind, getting coaching on your unique situation and hear from other parents on the same journey.
TLC Showed Me There Was Another Way
One of the biggest gifts of this unprecedented time was the empowerment to say NO to the compulsory school system and choose something radically different: Self-directed Education AKA “unschooling.”
Five years ago, as I became a mother with a full-time business, I didn’t think it was possible for me. I mean how could I both homeschool and work?
Ina Lukas inspired and empowered me to realize I DO have a choice. When she talked about how she unschooled her kids and the awesome things they did throughout the years, I learned that I don’t have to be their only teacher. The key is for me to step into my power as a facilitator of mentors, resources, and opportunities for my children to choose from.
So if you are ready to try something new, you're going to want Ina Lukas and Liberated Schooling in your corner, empowering you to create the space for your children to truly flourish as outstanding human beings. The old school system is antiquated and outdated. It's time for something new where we take back our power.
- Tanya Lynn, Founder of
Ina shows what’s possible and tested
I had the most amazing conversation about homeschooling with Ina when our oldest daughter was just 6 months old. That single conversation changed the entire trajectory of education for now all three of our kiddos (ages 11, 8 and 6). 

Ina's passion and desire to share the amazing life she shared with her kids was so contagious, I found myself wanting to know more and more about how it all worked. Ina's gentle, encouraging and generous style of teaching is a gift to anyone who are overwhelmed by all of the decisions and options available. 

We all want to find the best route for our children and the wisdom Ina shares is both authentic, possible and tested, with her now young adult children who shine so brightly in the world! I feel so blessed to have found myself in that amazing conversation over ten years ago and I strongly encourage anyone searching for answers to sit at her feet and listen!
- Kim Kotecki, Unschooling Mom of three, work-at-home parent and co-founder of with husband Jason.
I’m incredibly grateful that my mom took on homeschooling
When I reflect on my childhood, I have no doubts that homeschooling was the best possible option for me. Growing up with the freedom of being able to pursue what I actually enjoyed was incredibly impactful. 

One of the most important things that being homeschooled created was a deep bond with my brother, to the point where I’m almost 95% sure that we share a soul. Since we weren’t split up by classrooms because of our difference in grades, we learned everything together and couldn’t help but become best friends. That alone made homeschooling 100% worth it, because I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. 

I’m incredibly grateful that my mom took on homeschooling my brother and I. There were so many valuable lessons and life skills that I learned through homeschooling, and I feel like it really allowed me to explore who I am as a person and gave me space to be my authentic self--which is so valuable as a child, because most people my age are just now starting to feel comfortable enough to express themselves. 

I’ve talked to many of my friends about their experiences with public school, and middle school in particular seems to stand out as a universally loathed experience. As if being a tween isn’t hard and confusing enough, the public school system seems to make it exponentially worse. I never had to experience bullying or any of the traumatic stuff that seemingly everyone I know did, and I’m so grateful for that. 

I would absolutely recommend homeschooling to any parent who’s considering it. Even though it may seem daunting, I can confidently tell you that it’ll be worth it. I feel so lucky to have been homeschooled and given all of the opportunities that I was as a result of it.
- Kiva, 18, Ina’s daughter
9 Leading-Edge Training Modules
3 Channeled Activations with Q+A
Conscious Parenting Mini Course
Energy Awareness Workshop
The Self-Designed PDF Map 
Student-only Facebook members group
2 Months of Weekly Support Calls + Channeled Activations
Value: priceless, but your price:
(or 2 x $355/month)
Meet your TLC guides..
Hi I’m Ina. I homeschooled my two children for 16 years, all while running my own full time businesses. I was raised in both public schooling and world schooling by my parents, which allowed me to see which experiences had the most transformational impact on me as a human being. 
Because of this, I chose to carve a different educational path for my children, creating a life-based, self-design curriculum that allowed my children’s own innate gifts and skills to flourish, while honoring the healthy mind/body/spirit development of the whole human being. 

Both of my children graduated high school with honors and are now navigating college with ease, creating their own self-led adventures and businesses. The results of my homeschooling methods are in the empowered adults my children have grown up to be. 
Over the past decade, I’ve worked as a shamanic healer helping people around the world to free themselves from parenting problems, relationship issues, financial fears, health issues, and more.  In addition, I’ve guided many parents into starting the homeschool journey. Those conversations with my methodology have resulted in many families achieving homeschool success, and their children’s lives were deeply impacted for the best because of it. 
Hi, I’m Devani, the other half of the TLC couple. I am deeply passionate about bringing these teachings to more parents because of how hard school was for me. I remember waking up every day in 3rd grade feeling sick to my stomach because I was so stressed out about school. School didn’t nurture my sensitive empathic self as a child. 

At the age of 13, my parents decided to take me out of public school. This was the best thing my parents could have ever done for me.

As a natural self-starter, I just needed permission to allow my own wisdom to guide me without the drama and stress at regular school. With this freedom, I was able to enroll in an alternative school and spend my time with animals, doing art, and activities with friends. 

Without knowing it, I started the homeschool journey and “unschooled” myself.

All of this experience helped me to become the soul-driven entrepreneur I am today. I now run two businesses and love teaching women how to use their empathic gifts to enhance their life, family and business.
ARE YOU READY TO experience learning outside the box?
Just $697
In this course, you will get a step-by-step conscious with tools, resources, and a connected community to support you on your journey.

This course will show you how to custom design the learning experience for your own family’s unique needs. You will feel even more empowered as a parent of an empathic child, creating the learning environment that most supports the innate curriculum that is encoded inside of them.
Do I get lifetime access to the course materials?
Yes, you absolutely get to keep all of the course materials and the live activations housed on our course platform, so you can return to them anytime you need.
How old does my child need to be for this program to work?
Whether your child is in preschool or the womb doesn’t matter., This program is an entire way of being for the child. Children do not have to be in school yet to benefit from these teachings. With that said, this course is more ideal for elementary and middle school students than highschoolers.
Will you be teaching state standard curriculum in this course?
No. If you purely want to do state standard curriculum online at home or are looking for a cookie-cutter curriculum, this is not the program for you. This program is designed to give you ideas, tools and resources for you to create your own unique curriculum that’s tailored to your family.
What is your refund policy?
We are so certain that you will receive everything that you need from this course and community that we aren’t offering any refunds for this purchase. We trust that you know in your heart that this is the right program for you. If you are still unsure, please email us at
Will I get access to Ina?
Yes! You'll be able to ask questions relevant to the course on a weekly group Zoom call with Ina. You can also submit questions in the private members Facebook group if you can't make the Zoom call live.  This is also a powerful place to connect in live with other homeschool families in a fun and super supportive space!
This course can literally make the biggest difference in the lives of your children and your family.

What we really want you to understand is that the current children on our planet hold special wisdom with the solutions for how to shift the world. 

And schooling them at home within the same system is NOT what’s going to change the world. 

It’s about opting out of a dysfunctional system that’s just trying to put fires out on the same problems, instead of clearing the slate and raising children who have entirely new ideas and solutions and giving them the space to bring those solutions in.

The Liberated Child is here to calm your nervous system as you see how you can totally do this. Imagine a life in which you feel excited and proud of the incredible conscious homeschooling experience that your children thank you daily for! 
9 Leading-Edge Training Modules 
3 Channeled Activations with Q+A
Conscious Parenting Mini Course
Energy Awareness Workshop 
The Self-Designed PDF Map 
Student-only Facebook members group 
2 Months of Weekly Support Calls + Channeled Guidance 
forever thankful for my mom homeschooling us
When I tell most people that I was homeschooled until my freshman year of high school, they are shocked. I often get responses like...

"Were you prepared enough academically for high school?"
“But you’re not antisocial or awkward. I thought that’s what homeschoolers were like?”
“How did you make friends?”

After dealing with these types of questions for most of my life I have my quick answers down to these questions or concerns. 

But after that, I always go on to explain the wonderful impact that being homeschooled has had on me and how I would never have done my schooling up to this point any other way.

Now you should not expect to homeschool your kids and have them turn out like the majority of other “nice” but boring people without dreams and ambitions that come out of public school. 

But you also don’t need to worry about them becoming some shut-in who is afraid to make eye contact with anyone and wants to become a pee chipper in Antarctica instead of trying to make the world a better place. 

The fantastic benefit of homeschooling that I reaped was the freedom to think of any activity/sport/subject/language/hobby that I was interested in and the agency to actually do it. 

Whether that was becoming a master architect of mud forts and treehouses at age 6, archery, playing soccer, exploring the nearby forests, learning Spanish, woodworking, being allowed to stay out on a weeknight in order to play competitive card games, or rigging elaborate booby traps in my room. 

Unless something was incredibly expensive I never felt like there was anything that I couldn’t do or try out as a kid. I think that feeling is incredibly important to foster in young children because it gives them a much more powerful internal locus of control over their life which stays with them forever. 

Despite eventually losing interest in all of those activities I previously mentioned, had I not had the freedom to try them out, I wouldn’t have discovered my more serious passions which are fashion design and graphic design. Nor would I be as self-assured and empowered to turn those passions into my full-time career and business.

I will be forever thankful that my mom made the decision to homeschool my sister and I because without that environment growing up it is very likely that I would be pursuing something uninteresting, well paying, and spiritually draining. 

Although this is only my homeschooling experience, I think that it’s also incredibly important that you listen to your children to see how they feel about it. If it is something that really doesn’t work for them and you force it, well buckle up for years of hell and thousands of dollars in therapy. 

Always remember that you and your child are both simultaneously the teacher and the student who always have something to learn from every lesson as well as each other.
- Sasha, 20, Ina’s son
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