The Energetics of Parenting Masterclass

Discover how to become an energetically attuned new earth parent to support you & your highly sensitive child with big emotions (without getting triggered)

Monday, November 21st,
9am PST / 12pm EST

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In this 90-minute masterclass you will discover:

The new paradigm of parenting with leading-edge energetic, intuitive, and attachment-based tools to support your highly sensitive child to thrive
How to activate energetic attunement to support your & your child’s emotional states to quickly come back into regulation
How to not parent from your own unprocessed wounds to experience more joy, ease and stability during these awakening times on the planet
The new parenting pathway to become an energetically attuned new earth parent to radically shift your family dynamics into flow, magic and fun

Dear mystic mama and papa,

It’s time for a new paradigm of parenting to be embodied. There’s lots of amazing parenting teachings out there based on love, gentleness, and respect, YET none are really teaching you about the energetics.

Why is that?

I personally think it’s because that’s just where our consciousness has been as a collective. Just in this last decade our consciousness and the frequency of the planet has gone up significantly.

There’s never been a more potent time then right NOW to activate the new earth mystic mama and papa within, so you can parent in a way that you have never experienced.

The new children on the planet are coming in already connected to these higher frequencies and they are asking for a new way to be parented and supported on their journey.

We are here to answer that call.

The number one focus to support these new earthly beings to thrive is for you as the guardian to embody energetic and emotional attunement as a new earth parent.

Click below if you’re ready to gain deep understanding of what it really takes to be a highly functioning and embodied new earth parent that your children are needing…

This will be around 70 minutes of teaching followed by Q&A and information about a brand new program

Who is this masterclass for?

Conscious parents, priestess mamas, mystic papas, sacred rebels, those that want children one day, those that want to embody a new parenting paradigm, parents raising highly sensitive and/or intuitive children... you are ALL welcome.

Your Hosts:

Devani is a mother to mothers, new earth parenting guide, intuitive and somatic energy healer. She is the Co-Founder of The Liberated Child. Devani has thousands of hours of training and hands-on experience in numerous modalities including somatic inner child healing, energy healing, adult attachment repair, trauma work, Hand in Hand Parenting, and more.

She's passionate about helping mothers on the conscious path and women who desire to step into motherhood one day to become energetically attuned, aware, and regulated in their nervous system to support a secure attachment and soul connection with their new earth child.

Mandalena is an embodiment teacher, somatic energy healer, awakened mother, conscious conception guide, and spirit baby communicator. With over 15 years of supporting clients and students on their healing and awakening paths. Through her own motherhood journey, Mandalenda has been able to bridge the gap between her healing capacities and motherhood.

As a result, her new earth child has become securely attached and has a baseline of contentment and joy in her system. She feels deeply called to help parents cultivate the awareness and practices that she has had in her own journey so that they can show up with their all to parenting.

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In this immersive circle, you will experience:

How to cultivate the most important skill children need for healthy attachment
How to track the energies in yourself and your child during an emotional outburst to meet the underneath needs to quickly come back into regulation
How to self regulate your triggers without going into distorted self-reliance
How to start the path of inner child healing to transform your parenting journey 
What it takes to be a highly functioning and embodied new earth mother
Live experiential demonstrations of working with subtle energy to attune and respond to the ever-shifting emotions and environment of your child

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