Yay! Your seat is saved!

I’m so excited that you are registered for the Conscious Reparenting Masterclass!
You’ll discover how to integrate your wounded inner child into wholeness, divine power, and inner trust!

Step 1: Mark your calendar for Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 10am PT/1pm ET so you don’t miss joining us live in the potent group field!

Step 2: If it feels aligned please take a screenshot of the graphic below, upload to your Instagram stories and tag me @theliberatedchild_ so we can connect and spread this movement! 

Step 3: Be sure to join the New Earth Families Facebook group to connect on Facebook!

Step 4: Check your inbox for the confirmation email and zoom link from [email protected]
I will be guiding you through some teachings and powerful healing activations so try to be in an undisturbed environment.



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