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A Sacred Healing Path To Integrate The Wounded Inner Child into Wholeness, Divine Power, and Inner Trust


6 live training sessions with guided multidimensional journeys and activations,  2 hours each (on Wednesday's starting April 26th @ 10am PST)
Guided journaling & somatic reparenting practices
Reparenting partners (imagine your elementary school bestie!)
Private group channel to connect and be supported along the way
Lifetime access to the content


Special price: $222 (Normally $444)

▽ Regulate your nervous system and create a new baseline of well-being (and dare I say pleasure!) in your body

▽ Reparent your inner child to start healing attachment ruptures so that you can embody a new template of wholeness

▽ Cultivate your skill set to be with your emotions and the emotions of others so that you can bring more life-force energy into your body

▽ Awaken your divine feminine power, clear outdated beliefs, and upgrade your frequency to shift your reality and call in more support (in both the seen and unseen realms)

▽ Access and reconnect to your inner crystalline child so you can move through the world with deep trust (hello intuition), confidence, and a whole lotta magic!

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As a psychotherapist, I am blown away by the precision and depth of the multidimensional healing with Devani. So much has shifted within me. I feel more connected with myself, lighter and free. - Joy

Devani is truly incredible. I have been blown away by her ability to explain complex and difficult subjects so effortlessly as well as her beautiful balance of gentle and encouraging. I had been struggling with laying many of the judgments I received as a child on my own toddler, making it difficult to see his light. My work with Devani allowed me to see both myself and my son in our full and brilliant glory. This image has been profoundly impactful, becoming a beacon in the difficult moments. - Jessica

What a beaaaautifully healing journey! Thank you, Devani!" - Sara

"It was beautiful! " - Jessica

"It felt like my vulnerable ones were curled up in the fetal position in my heart space and they were set free to stretch out and integrate" -J

"It was amazing. Thank you so much Devani. Feel so much lighter." - Claudia

"Thank you for holding such sacred space and support. This was so powerful and beautiful." - Carolyn

"First time I experienced this. Powerful and Beautiful." - Maria

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Your guides: Ina Lukas + Devani Freeman

Ina and Devani are the co-Founders of The Liberated Child - a mission-driven company that teaches parents how to confidently step outside the system, unschool their minds, and create their own alternative educational path that truly fosters their child’s own innate inner curriculum with a multi-dimensional holistic framework.

Ina Lukas has over 16 years experience of in homeschooling, Unschooling, and Worldschooling her two children, now young adults! The results of her unconventional homeschooling methods are in the empowered adults her children have grown up to be. 

For the past decade, Ina has worked as a shamanic healer and channel helping people around the world free themselves from parenting problems, relationship issues, financial fears, health issues, and more.


Devani Freeman is a Goddess CEO, homeschool activator, and guide for empathic families. Devani’s mission is to create a new earth paradigm where children are fostered to connect with their intuitive wisdom, soul gifts, freedom to be who they desire, and innate creativity to bring peace to the planet. 

She takes passion in working with mystic mamas and children in helping them to understand energy awareness and emotional regulation to change their daily experience from challenging to thriving.

Devani’s passionate about working with mystic mamas in helping them to trust their children and deeply connect with them on a soul level to heal generational trauma to experience more peace and magic in the home. She guides this through attachment-based somatic energy healing, attunement skills, and reparenting methods.  

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